Our process - How we work

We believe in efficiency and maximizing our resources to provide the best value to our clients. We like to keep things transparent and adaptable, complemented by a structured approach, to keep you informed at all stages.


We work closely with you to understand your needs and goals. We embed ourselves in your every day operations to understand what makes your business tick.

You'll connect with our team in a private chat where you'll engange in your choice of audio or video chats. We'll dive deep into the storyline of your application, the problem it solves, and how it should work.

Once we are in sync with your vision, we will report back with a comprehensive plan and, more importantly, a budget.

Included in this phase

  • In-depth audio/video chats
  • Goals & Obstacles
  • Vision Sync
  • Planning
  • Budgeting

Prototype & Build

Based off of the discovery phase, we develop a comprehensive roadmap and start working towards delivery. The roadmap is basically an intricately tangled mess of technical nonsense but is designed to ensure timely delivery and a production ready product.

You'll be assigned a key account manager to keep lines of communication open and clear about the progress of the project. Account managers will act as a buffer between you and the development team to translate your vision into technical language and vice versa.

Our account managers are trained to reply to emails ASAP, you'll never need to worry about extensive wait times for a response. This increases speed of development and keeps your vision at the forefront of the plan.


We conduct comprehensive tests, including functionality testing and performance testing, to identify and fix any bugs or issues.

We meticulously document and provide insights into the infrastructure of your application. From deployment procedures to server configurations and database management, our detailed documentation ensures your team comprehensively understands the application's setup and functionality.

We offer expert support for deployment planning, whether you choose to host with us or independently. Our dedicated post-delivery support ensures ongoing success for your application.

Included in this phase

  • Testing. Our projects always have 100% test coverage, ensuring quality at every level. Before delivery, we provide a live preview, allowing you to experience the product firsthand. Quality assurance is integral to our process, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable final deployment.
  • Infrastructure. We deliver comprehensive documentation outlining the technical infrastructure of your application. This includes details on the deployment process, server configurations, database management, and any external services or APIs utilized. This ensures that your team has a clear understanding of how the application is set up and how it works.
  • Support. Whether you choose to host your application through us or on your own, we provide comprehensive assistance with deployment planning. Additionally, our commitment extends beyond delivery with dedicated post-delivery support. We're here to address any questions or issues, ensuring the ongoing success and optimal performance of your application.

Our values - Balancing innovation and simplicity

We strive to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies, to find creative solutions, all while ensuring a user-friendly and straightforward experience for you.

  • Discipline. We stay true to a standard of living that is always improving. Driven by an approach that echoes the spirit embodied in our logo.
  • Customer Centered. We're committed to making your experience simple and stress-free, ensuring each interaction is both smooth and genuinely beneficial for you.
  • Innovative. We strive to build creative solutions that strengthenss your business. It's about adding something so effective that it gives you a greater advantage and makes things simpler for you.

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