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Web development, Internal Tool

Effective trainers, effective drivers

Driver Trainers are heavily responsible for Amazon Drivers ability to drive safely and effectively on the road. Trainers use many tools to ensure a new driver progresses towards Amazons' standard.

We developed a tool to assist Amazon Driver Trainers to efficiently and effectively perform Road Tests with new Amazon Drivers.

Rocke took initiative to find different pain points that were in our current process. The solution solved each point, and helped us become the top training team in our region!

Staccie P, Lead Driver Trainer


Web development

Zero Trust, High Compliance

By 2024, Government Agencies must be Zero Trust compliant. Zero Trust is a deeply extensive topic and can take months to implement. Cisco System Architects needed a way to help clients assess their level of compliance quick and easily.

We built out a platform that helps Architects get a simple view of a clients current level of compliance.

Rocke did an amazing job building out the platform. I felt a genuine desire to seek and understand my pain points from different angles.

Kelsey R, Sr. System Architect


Web development, SaaS

Fast logins, Happy Users

Lightning logins — bloc is an authentication software, designed to make implementing and using modern auth faster and easier.

bloc is a product developed by us! What started as a personal problem, bloc is aimed to be a software developer safe haven. Designed to ensure implementing modern authentication is quick and smooth. A user can follow in depth steps to complete implementation and deploy with ease.

I personally and frequently had this problem. Each projects' authentication system always came with the most difficulty. In the end, maintenance costs weren't worth the effort. With bloc I can always be sure of flawless and easy implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Charles R, CEO

Working with Rocke is a breeze. They keep us involved in every step of their process and deliver remarkable solutions in record time!

Evan O, Amazon Lead Operations

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