Case Study - Effective trainers, effective drivers

Driver Trainers are heavily responsible for Amazon Drivers ability to drive safely and effectively on the road. Trainers use many tools to ensure a new driver progresses towards Amazons' standard.

Web development, Internal Tool


Among the many things Amazon Driver Trainers do, they're expected to do it effectively and precisely. Failure to be precise can be devastating and, dispatchers can face serious consequences. There was one part of the Driver Trainers process that was an extremely faulty and time consuming task.

The solution would speed up the process of grading and uploading new drivers road tests. It was crucial for the system to receive the uploads. Otherwise a driver could have a later start date and the dispatcher could stand to lose a potential driver.

We had the idea that we could take the printed version of the current road tests and make them digitally available. We could then, quickly take a digital snapshot of the digital document, upload it to the system, and submit the drivers results. This would allow trainers to do everything on their computer and open more time to focus on ensuring drivers' success.

What we did

  • Web design
  • Hosting
  • Infrastructure

Rocke took initiative to find different pain points that were in our current process. The solution solved each point, and helped us become the top training team in our region!

Staccie P, Lead Driver Trainer
Increased hire rate
Higher accuracy
Time saved

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