Case Study - Fast logins, Happy Users

Lightning logins — bloc is an authentication software, designed to make implementing and using modern auth faster and easier.

Web development, SaaS


Throughout the career span of a software developers life, a developer often uses many different tools. This leads to the formation of dozens of new accounts that are created and possibly never used again.

Much time goes into remembering passwords and resetting passwords. Not to mention the security risks of using a password based login system.

To combat this, we developed our own system that allowed us to sign up and login into any of our workflows using device based authentication. It made life so much easier that we turned around and launched bloc for any python developer to use.

What we did

  • Biometric logins
  • Payments Integration
  • SaaS
  • Developer tool

I personally and frequently had this problem. Each projects' authentication system always came with the most difficulty. In the end, maintenance costs weren't worth the effort. With bloc I can always be sure of flawless and easy implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Charles R, CEO of Rocke Software
Increased retention rate
Integration speed

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