Case Study - Zero Trust, High Compliance

By 2024, Government Agencies must be Zero Trust compliant. Zero Trust is a deeply extensive topic and can take months to implement. Cisco System Architects needed a way to help clients assess their level of compliance quick and easily.

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Cybersecurity threats have been on the rise, and that means new security standards must be implemented. The public sector has taken a proactive approach in addressing these challenges by enforcing an adoption of Zero Trust as a standard.

Cisco consults an agencies level of Zero Trust compliance by providing experts to help agencies achieve strong compliance. Implementation can take up to months and with time restrictions, any hiccup can cause an agency to miss the deadline of being compliant by 2024. What was needed was a tool that could guide an agency through a faster and smoother implementation. It needed to be user-friendly for both parties and organized in an simple and intuitive way.

We developed an application for System Architects to assess an agencies compliance levels swiftly and recommend steps for stronger compliance. The site offers easy navigation through Zero Trust compliance pillars, a search feature for agencies and their compliance levels, and a menu to select different agencies.

What we did

  • Dashboard View
  • Search Capability
  • List of Agencies

Rocke did an amazing job building out the platform. I felt a genuine desire to seek and understand my pain points from different angles.

Kelsey R, Sr. System Architect
Faster compliance implementation
Better user experience

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